Project Management in your EDO

The primary intent of an Economic Development Organization is the betterment of the community they serve.

You need to enable your community to thrive and succeed by aiding and administering the necessary programs and opportunities for the businesses in your community.

Every EDO needs to be able to provide an easy efficient transparent and predictable program management to be successful.

How do you manage your programs in your organization? 

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you need Prodart to help you.

Question 1 : Does it take a lot of effort and time and several people involved to generate a current state of all the programs you manage?

Question 2 : Do you find it difficult to keep track of your interactions with you business and contacts and always refer to your email history to find our what you last spoke about?

Questions 3 : Do you lose track of the current status of a program for a business and need to refer to your past emails to find that out?

Question 4 : Is it difficult to collect all the necessary data for a given program to help your business effectively?

Question 5 : Do you have any reports or dashboards to tell you how effective each program is within your organization?


Managing and keeping track of programs that you administer is a tedious, manual and time consuming task.

If you answered any one of the questions with a YES, you and your EDO needs a software solution that is made just for economic development organizations.



Prodart can help

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Most requested Program Management Features

Ease of use
Reporting on Projects
Interaction and Status Tracking
Ability to input Financial Information
Ability to Attach documents to programs

Why do economic development organizations , chambers and councils choose us?

All Inclusive Feature Set

We provide the most sought after features with no up sell charge. 

Professional and Timely

Our dedicated implementation staff will get you to launch on time, and help ensure that your team is productive.

Best Technology Stack.

Proven EDO solution built on the world’s leading CRM –

Advantages of a Cyrtene Solution


Data accuracy, display accuracy, timeliness and upfront access.

Ease of Access

Always have your most important data readily available from any screen.

Complete EDO Management

Manage all your projects and portfolios and decision making data in one comprehensive system.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Make your data work for you, with advanced analytics and reports and dashboards – OUT OF THE BOX!

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