ProDart - Economic Development Management Solution

Every Economic Development Organization wants to get a better handle on their data. Cyrtene’s unique research-driven software platform gets your data in control.

Our EDO management Solution will :

  1. Enable easy data entry with the to ability to collate information, categorize it, relate it to other data, and best of all — search it however you want (by members, investors, coaches, advisors, constituents, events, posts, ads… )
  2. Let you manage your projects, initiatives, group events. due and fees, ads and numerous other activities.
  3. Enable data retrieval via intelligent reporting and analytics, and make it available at your finger tips..

Plus in this ever mobile world, every aspect of our solution is accessible via your mobile phone or handheld tablets.

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What EDOs want from their CRM

Ease of use
Interaction and Operation Tracking
Reporting and Data Analysis

The most requested features for EDOs

Member 360 Management

Manage your participating businesses, contacts, programs, inquiries , resources for your businesses all in one place.

Interaction tracking

Comprehensive interaction management will track emails, tasks, notes, call logs and provide you with a chronological list of all interactions in one place.

Program Management

Whatever type of programs, we can handle it with ease. Programs like incentives, workforce management, grants management, etc,

Events Management

Your centralized location for

  • Public Events
  • Room Bookings
  • Email Marketing/Campaign
Property Selection and Management

Manage your properties that you want to highlight, categorize them, tag them and make them easily searchable for your team.

BRE Survey

BRE surveys and general surveys are built-in and work with your existing data. There are over 50 predefined questions, and surveys are highly customizable.

Member Portal

User friendly portal for clients will enable your constituents and members access your information directly.

Other Features

Other features like BREs, Survey and Dedicated case management comes by default with our solution.

Why do economic development organizations , chambers and councils choose us?

All Inclusive Feature Set

We provide the most sought after features with no up sell charge. 

Professional and Timely

Our dedicated implementation staff will get you to launch on time, and help ensure that your team is productive.

Best Technology Stack.

Proven EDO solution built on the world’s leading CRM –

Solution ROI Trend

  • User Adoption
  • ROI

Advantages of a Cyrtene Solution


Data accuracy, display accuracy, timeliness and upfront access.

Ease of Access

Always have your most important data readily available from any screen.

Complete EDO Management

Manage all your projects and portfolios and decision making data in one comprehensive system.

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Make your data work for you, with advanced analytics and reports and dashboards – OUT OF THE BOX!

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